Imagine how our lives would be different if all of us were just individuals without proper ties to other people? Have you ever thought how it is important to share the moments of your life with someone special? Isn’t that what is life about? There are different kinds of people living in the world and each of them has own views about life. I have met many people on my “Life Journey” and some of them have become my friends for the lifetime.

      Prior to my arrival to school where I was supposed to work I’ve got to know that I will have a colleague from United Kingdom who was working there for the last year and a half. At that point I had no idea what to expect. Many of us experience such situations when you have to work with specific people for a certain period of time and people do understand that they want to have friendly relationship throughout all the time spent together. Some of you might find it difficult to find the right “language” with a certain person and in the long run experience troubles in communication. Thanks to my prior knowledge of talking to people the statement above does not affect me. My new friendship has brought me to another step of my life.

Russell Powell

       Whenever you see the person for the first time in your life your brain tends to make a quick “application folder” in your head with the first impression facts. It is really important to understand that the first impression counts, but you have to always get to know the person better. Have you ever had a wrong first impression of a person? Think of how hard was it to change it once you get to know your friend better.

       My first meeting with Russell was short. It was on Friday 26, June, 2015. As I was done with my training the day before I have been arranged on an interview in the school and the demo lesson. Right before my class started we have met each other and shaked hands. Nothing serious happened in my mind on the first glance. He came from the United Kingdom to teach English. These were the only two facts known to me at that time. The weekend went by and my first day at work has finally started. That is where the fun began!

       How often do you meet people who surprise you? It doesn’t matter in what terms either they are good at something or they are just really good people. It turned out that Russell used to study Kung Fu in China and is a certified Kung Fu Master and one day his goal is to open his own Kung Fu academy. This has blown my mind and the first thing I wanted to know if he could teach me Kung Fu. Guess.. what was his answer?

      Another surprise that Russell held was his knowledge of Russian language. He was quite happy to have a new co-worker who speaks Russian in order to improve his language skills and he has let me know that his girlfriend Ksyusha is from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. That was a huge surprise for me because I have relatives living in the same town. Isn’t that something great? This couple has reminded me of a very special couple in the Universe and as many of us know the Universe will do everything for those who ask.

       Thanks to all my friends around the globe. I am happy that I have met all of you in my life journey. Each of you had played a role in my life and I am very grateful for that.

      Love, Peace and Harmony my friends.

      P.S. Procrastination was the word of the weekend!